A Vision for the Future of Camp Judson

Watch the Long Range Vision Informational video or read below about Camp Judson’s future plans.

Several years ago, the Camp Judson Board began a process of prayerful discernment in seeking God’s vision for the future of the Camp Judson ministry.

Through a series of discussions and meetings, the board recommitted itself to what has always been the mission and vision of the camp:  To help children, youth, and adults take the next step in their relationship with God, foster healthy relationships between people, and to support and encourage families and local churches.

Through this process, the Board also expressed a desire to be good stewards of the use of the property that we have been blessed with all 12 months of the year, rather than just for the good weather months. They developed a long range programming plan where in the Summer months Judson would focus on offering high quality summer camp programming for children and teenagers which would be mirrored by seeking to offer programming for teenagers and youth groups in the winter months, and retreat programming for adults in the fall and in the spring.

We have already begun to implement this programming plan through the development of our Winter Blast Youth Weekends, our Scrapbooking Weekends, and seeking to continue to improve our Summer Camp offerings.

Next, we took a look at our facilities to determine how capable they are of meeting the needs and demands of the long range programming plan that we were pursuing and also performed a survey of our supporters to identify our facility needs.

We then contracted with Fletemeyer and Lee, a consulting firm that specializes in Christian camps and conference centers.

Fletemeyer and Lee did an extensive analysis of our property and facilities with feedback from the Camp Board and made a series of recommendations for consideration of the board, which culminated in the facility plan that with much prayerful discernment and discussion was adopted unanimously by the board.

The plan is a document to guide the renovation, replacement, and development of camp facilities in the years to come.

A map of the facility master plan adopted by the camp board

A Vision for the Future of Camp Judson – Printable

The full facility master plan booklet (including site surveys, constituent surveys, recommendations, proposed plans, modifications, and final plan) – note this is a large file

The adopted plan is driven by four primary considerations:

1) Creating a “Heart of Camp” which serves as both the physical and sociological center of camp

2) Embracing the Lake – by improving access and connection for all campers and guests, and maximizing and enhancing views of the lake

3) Safety and Security

4) Improving Guest Accommodations

The highlights of the plan are:

1) Shifting the campground from being located along the lakefront to being located along the Holliday Road boundary of the camp property nearest the lakefront.

2) Improving access to the lake and drainage by creating a sloping bowl to the lake along the lake bluff, adding a pavilion at the lake for picnics and other activities.

3) Renovating the Mack Dining Hall to increase seating for meals as well as storage and improving the views of the lake from the dining area.

4) Adding a multipurpose recreation center to west of the Mack Dining Hall with a parking lot.  The design of the recreation center might look something like this.

5) Moving the road that services the Dining Hall, Corbly Complex, and Virginia’s Beach north through the lower field to improve safety and security.

7) Adding up to 8 duplex cabins to house campers, retreat guests, and staff.  If all 8 duplex cabins were constructed, the Corbly Complex might be converted in to meeting and activity space for campers and retreat groups.  The design of the cabins would look something like this.

8) Replacing the swimming pool with a new pool with a zero entry and a splash park.

9) Renovation of Shreve Lodge.

10) Removal of the current Pavilion.

11) Addition of two staff residences to house future needed year round staff.

12) The Highlands Cabins would remain, but would likely be repurposed for overflow housing, storage, and possibly for outdoor education and a craft/woodworking shop for campers.

The implementation of the plan will occur in phases, and the camp board will be seeking to determine the priority and phasing of these projects this fall with informational meetings scheduled throughout the region to provide people the opportunity to ask questions and hear details about the plan with dates and locations to be announced soon.

To begin the process, the camp board would like to call our campers and families, alumni, friends, and partner churches to join in laying a foundation of prayer – asking God to bring His vision for Camp Judson to fruition.

Please feel free to contact the camp office at (814) 922-3834 or judson@campjudson.com with any questions.

Supporting Documents
A Vision for the Future of Camp Judson – Printable

Facility Master Plan Map

Duplex Cabin Design with Meeting Room

Duplex Cabin Design without Meeting Room

Multipurpose Recreation Center Design

Full Facility Master Plan Booklet

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