Summer Camp Check-in

Sunday is our first day of the summer camping season! Here you will find information about how the check-in process works. First, check-in begins at 3 PM and runs until 5:00 PM. There are six stations that each camper must go through in order to complete check-in before heading to their cabin.

When you arrive at Judson, you will be directed by a staffer to park by the Mack Dining Hall. Then you will proceed to the Welcome Tent located next to Shreve Lodge. The Welcome Tent is the first station and the beginning of check-in. Here you will be asked a list of screening questions and then directed to the next station.

At station two, any incomplete paperwork or balances will be resolved. Station three is head checks. At station four, you will meet with the nurse to hand in any medications and inform her/him of any medical issues. Then, you will head down to the Judson Store to put money on your camp store card. Finally once you have completed the first five stations, you will come to station six in the office to receive your cabin number.

After receiving your cabin number you can grab your luggage and head to your cabin! If you are in cabins 5 – 9, you may take your luggage to the pavilion to be brought up by the tractor. Cabins 1 – 3, may take their luggage right to the cabins. If you need help carrying luggage or getting to the cabin, please let a staff member know and they will be glad to help!

Some things to remember, we have a no cell phone policy at Judson for our campers, so please leave your cell phones at home. Additionally, you can put money on your son’s/daughter’s store card before arriving at Judson by logging back into registration online. A packing list for camp can be found at If you have any additional questions, please contact the office.

Can’t wait to see you!

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