Summer Camp 2012 Update

We are very excited to say that as of today, we have 210 campers registered for summer camp (representing 23% of our total capacity for campers), and we have just over twice as many registrations as we had last summer at this time!

This means two things:

1) It means that we need your help to register more campers!  We want God to impact the lives of as many campers as possible and we are praying that we would reach our maximum capacity for campers for summer camp 2012.  So please help us by telling your friends, family, and neighbors about Judson and encouraging children and teenagers to register for summer camp at Judson!

2) It means that if you have not already done so, you should do so ASAP to assure your spot in the camp of your choice as six of our camp sessions are already have enough registrations to be at 25% or more of capacity.

Those camps are:

Junior 2/Junior High 1 – 35%

Mini 4 – 44%

Senior High – 29%

Wrangler – 30%

Junior Trailblazers – 50%

Trailblazers – 30%

Day Camp 1 – 48%


Follow this link to find out more about summer camp at Judson and register today!

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