Prayer Initiative

Watch the latest weekly devotional: Prayer Initiative 12.04

As the new year begins, Camp Judson is launching a new emphasis we are calling our 2017 Prayer Initiative in which we invite you to join us.

While we would love for this to result in an increase in the number of people regularly, praying for Judson, it is our hope that its greatest impact will be to deepen the importance of the habit of regular prayer in the lives of our friends, alumni, and partner churches.

And so we invite you and your family (as well as your friends, neighbors, and your church!) to join us in making prayer a focus in 2017 by doing two things:

  1. Commit yourself to spending 15 minutes in prayer each day. During that time, we invite you to pray for yourself, your family and friends, your church, your community, and for Camp Judson.
  2. Invite 5 additional people to join you in making the same commitment in 2017.

As a camp staff and camp board, we are making this commitment ourselves, and in addition to these things listed, we will be praying for all those who chose to make this commitment along with us. If there is some specific way you would like to ask us to pray for you, you can e-mail us at, send a private message to our Facebook page, or simply call us at (814) 922-3834.

Since new commitments can be tough to make into a habit, we will be offering some encouragement to those that join us by:

  1. Sending out a weekly prayer e-mail with a short video devotional message that we will also share on our Facebook page. The e-mail/posting will include some specific ways people can pray for Judson. If you don’t already receive e-mails from us, you can subscribe to the list using the form to the right. Feel free to share these e-mails and Facebook posts with your friends to encourage them as they pray as well!
  2. We will also send prayer inserts on a monthly basis (though possibly more frequently in the summer months) to our partner churches to share focused ways to pray for Judson each month.

It is our hope that God uses the 2017 Prayer Initiative to encourage individuals, families, and churches as they deepen their relationship with God through prayer.


Watch the latest weekly devotional: Prayer Initiative 12.04