Summer Camp Check-in

Sunday is our first day of the summer camping season! Here you will find information about how the check-in process works. First, check-in begins at 3 PM and runs until 5:00 PM. There are six stations that each camper must go through in order to complete check-in before heading to their cabin. When you arrive […]

How to Know if Your Child is Ready for Summer Camp

A child’s reaction to spending a week at summer camp can look quite different. One child may jump for joy, another may cry at the mention of leaving home, and yet another may be silent or seemingly unfazed. Let’s access what each child’s reaction could mean. Reaction 1: “Yay! Summer Camp!” Alright! Your child is […]

Why Summer Camp Rocks

Last summer upon returning home from summer camp, how many of us recall the neighborhood kid yelling, “Camp rocked!!!” That’s awesome, neighborhood kid! So what, in essence, makes summer camp rock? Let’s take a look at some reasons. Form Lasting Friendships Summer camp may only last a week, but during that week kids have an […]

How to Register

When you register here is some information you will need to have: list of individual’s medications health insurance information if your church pays a portion of the registration fee, you will need the sponsorship code (you can get your sponsorship code from the camp advocate at your church)   Steps: Click Here to go to […]